Message To Webmasters

3d-coverrDear WordPress To Go Reader,

You clicked on the link and you’re now through to my Sudoku site.  Welcome!

How come Sarah’s  sending me to a Sudoku website, you may well ask?

Well, publishing Sudoku puzzle books  is a new project that I have started. I’m still a webmaster. I’m still a beekeeper and I still have my cat, Fanny 😉

But I’ve branched out into puzzle books as well.

Why I’m into Sudoku

A friend gave me a old Sudoku puzzle book that she no longer wanted. I’d never played Sudoku before but I thought I’d give it a try. To cut a long story short, I  started out on the easy ones and before long I was addicted.

Sudoku is a great way to kill time when you’re on your own – on a train or plane, having a snack, lying on the beach, in bed – or wherever. It’s also a great way to keep your brain active. And although it’s all about numbers, it’s nothing to do with Math. There’s no arithmetic involved: it’s all about logic and deduction: working out which number goes into which square.

Why I publish my own Sudoku books

I bough a load of Sudoku books and, creepy  perfectionist that  I am, I found fault with many of them. So I decided to have a go and create my own puzzle books.

I have  designed three books at three levels: Easy , Medium and Hard. Each has 150 puzzles, one to a page, with plenty of space for you to scribble as you go. And the solutions are printed at the back.

I used software to generate the puzzles and then I transfered them  (and their solutions) to a paperback book. And Amazon has kindly allowed me to  publish these on their website.

The details are over in the sidebar on the right.

Do please have a go  – and buy another one of my books!

(And remember, they make great gifts…)

Thanks for reading this message,


Sudoku puzzles of all levels